As the Enforcers of Megakat City it is our duty to protect and serve the good people living here from the dangers posed by criminal enterprises. In spite of the good people working in our department, it has become apparent over the past several years that there is a gap in our capabilities and thus our ability to promote safety and justice is severly curtailed. To this end the Enforcer department has -with the approval of Megakat City mayor Manfred Manx- begun the research department Skyworks.

What is Skyworks?

Skyworks is a technological research and development department within the Enforcers itself.
The links on the left will provide more information on the ongoing development under several areas identified as needing improvement within purview of the Enforcer Department.

This program was approved by Megakat City Enforcer Cmdr. Ulysses Feral and is funded by a grant approved by Mayor Manfred Manx.